iPhone and iPad Development

The iPhone and iPad have changed the way consumers can access your business dramatically. We’ve been analysing the statistics of mobile devices in web log files spanning a range of sites from small businesses to large multi-nationals and it seems that not only is the mobile sector growing but that the iPhone and iPad between them currently account for the vast majority of devices. The most surprising, to us, figure was the number of iPad visits sites are registering, much larger by proportion than you’d expect with around 75% of the total mobile device visits.

Development of specific iPad and iPhone apps for your business can offer real benefits. Offering not only increased and targeted functionality for these potential customers but also unique payment options with both in app purchasing and subscription management.

As both Apple developers and internet service providers, Webdesigna is in a strong position to combine these two platforms. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirement and advise you on the best way to service this rapidly growing sector of the market.