A growing part of our business involves provision of flexible reseller accounts to small web design businesses. We are constantly striving to improve our offering to this sector and find that our flexible approach to charging and support makes this a good option for small and startup web design companies and individuals.

Each package is tailored to individual needs but in general we offer the following.

  • You only pay for the sites that are “live” on your account. You can create development/demo web sites for potential customers and install software packages on them at no charge.
  • A large range of ¬†software packages can be installed through your control panel on any of your sites either at the top level or in subdirectories. The installer takes care of everything including setting up and connecting to a database. ¬†There are currently 165 different packages available for automatic install including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, osCommerce, Zen Cart, Mambo, Joomla, phpBB, phpList and SugarCRM
  • Multiple php version support is available, allowing you to choose the version of php that each site runs. Normally you would just run the latest php version available but occasionally you may need to use an older version for compatibility reasons. At any time you can select the version of php each of your web sites uses.
  • Multi server deployment allows you to deploy your new web site on the best server for the job. From your control panel you can choose to create your web site on any of the available servers in our cluster.
  • Full DNS control allows you to configure your own name server setup for your domains to give you maximum flexibility. Secondary name server records can be created on any of the available servers in the cluster rather than relying on a single server to supply both name servers.
  • Full email control allows you to setup mailboxes, mail forwarding, mail aliases, spam control, blacklists, while lists – everything you need to configure your client’s email. Mailboxes can be accessed via pop3 or imap and smtp is available on alternative ports to avoid ISP blocking.
  • Full support on the end of the phone. You can talk to us directly at any time regarding your hosting or any problems you have with a site. We’ll be happy to install extra software packages, help debug or create php, javascript code and we can also provide a template/theme creation service from your .psd or powerpoint image/design.
  • Once your “live” sites number increases above certain thresholds the hosting cost per site will decrease. In addition this will also open up the possibility of you having your own dedicated web server within our cluster which will only house your web sites.
  • Let us deal with the day to day server maintenance and updates so you can concentrate on servicing your customers.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, we can normally setup a reseller account with no up front fees within a few hours.